Key figures

One of FEDELIMA cross-disciplinary functions is the observation and production of studies and analyses. In this way, FEDELIMA developed a method in 2005 : the Shared and Participatory Observation. This method, or philosophy of action, relies on the support and constant involvement of the venues all along the survey. This methodological approach stimulates the dialogue thanks to a collective work of diagnostic and analyses based from the shared participants’ data.

Led in cooperation with other partners and organisations, the SPO enables to produce each year resources and data which serves as input in the studies and analyses realised by the federation. The SPO participates in a better understanding of the live music venues and - more broadly – a better knowledge of the whole cultural sector. All this work is realized with an IT platform referred to as GIMIC. This platform has initially been developed by La Fédurok and is now managed by ICoop society. This process of observation which associates a tool and a method is now increasingly shared and used by other professional organisations, networks and public authorities.

The following key figures are extracted from the survey that FEDELIMA has been realising each year towards its members, that is to say at a national scale.

In 2015, 114 organisations out of a total of 142 FEDELIMA members participated in this survey, focusing on their 2014 activities. The participation rate is about 78.6%.


  • 18 years of existence in average
  • Spread all over the metropolitan territory (with the exception of Corsica)
  • 73.7% are located in urban areas, 15.8%are located in a city situated in a rural environment and 10.5% are rural
  • 79.8% are associations – non-profit organisations (created under the Act of 1901)
  • 55,2 % are certified with a label by the Ministry of Culture as SMAC : Scène de musiques actuelles
  • 14,0 % are under a public service delegation contract
  • 76,6 % applies the “National collective agreement of cultural and artistic companies”, and 16.2% the animation one


This category refers to the members whose activities (organization of concerts, support for emerging artists, educative activities etc.), are dedicated to popular music.

This category refers to the members whose projects are not enterily dedicated to popular music. They can develop a hub, services, a part of their activity around popular music, but they also run other artistic activities (like digital arts, plastic arts, dance etc.), or other kind of activities (leisure, sport, social, etc.)

This category refers to the members whose projects are built around popular music practices. It means that their main goal is to develop popular music practices by offering music education, staged rehearsal, artist-in-residence programme, support for emerging artist, etc. In short, their main activity is not the organization of concerts.

This category refers to the members who develop a cultural project withtout a dedictated instrastructured.

This category refers to the members who organize concerts but whose project is also developed around “musical creation”, structuring, promotion, and professionalization of musicians.



Inside the venue(s)

  • 515 is the average capacity of FEDELIMA venues (the average only includes the main stage – from 85 to 1999)
  • 45.6% of FEDELIMA members own a second stage in addition to their main stage (with an average of 220 capacity and median 200)
  • 6561 music activities were organized during the season. In average 59 music activities were organized during the season by our members (what we call “music activities” is being defined as a public accessible programme that has a separate entrance fee. For example a concert night with a support act is one activity with two performances, accessible with one ticket)
  • 1 642 865 visitors (free entrance, paid entrance, audience that attend for free an activity subject to charge). In average, there were 15 534 visitors per venue / median : 10 017.
  • 12 879 artists/bands booked each year (115 in average per venues / median : 97)
  • 13.5€ is the average price for a ticket

In festival(s)

  • 43.9% of the venues organize at least one festival each year (1.3 in average)
  • 415 565 visitors (free entrance, paid entrance, audience that attend for free an activity subject to charge) attended the 64 festivals.


  • 1264 permanent employees (permanent contract + temporary contract of 6 months minimum) are working in the venues (11 in average per venue / median 9 / minimum :1 / maximum 44)
  • 1008 FTE (Full Time Equivalent) employees (8.9 FTE / median 8)
  • 38.3% of women / 61.7% of men
  • 10 528 non-permanent employees ( « artistes et techniciens intermittents » (casual workers), interns, free lances…) (92 in average per venue / median : 52)
  • 5424 volunteers (57 in average / median : 30)





106 (Le) ● 109 (Le) ● 4Écluses (Les) ● Abordage (L’) ● ACP ● Aéronef (L’) ● Akwaba ● Ampli (L’) ● Antipode MJC ● ARA ● Arrosoir (L’) ● Art’Cade ● Astrolabe (L’) ● Autre Canal (L’) ● BAM / Trinitaires ● Bastion (Le) ● Bobine (La) ● Bolegason (Lo) ● Brise Glace (Le) ● Camji (Le) ● Carène (La) ● Cargö (Le) ● Carré Bleu ● Cartonnerie (La) ● Cave à Musique (La) ● Cave aux Poètes (La) ● Cave Dîmière (La) ● Chabada (Le) ● Chato’do (Le) ● Cigale (La ) ● Citrouille (La) ● CLEF (La) ● Club (Le) ● Collectif Jazz Basse-Normandie ● Confort Moderne (Le) ● Coopérative de Mai (La) ● Cordonnerie (La) ● Couveuse (La) ● Cri du Port (Le) ● Des Lendemains Qui Chantent ● Diff’Art ● D’jazz Kabaret ● DOC (Le) ● Echo System ● Echonova (L’) ● Écoutille (L’) ● ElMediator ● EMB Sannois (L’) ● Emmetrop-Nadir ● Fabrica’son (La) ● Fil (Le) ● File 7 ● Florida (le) ● Forum (Le) ● Fraternelle (La) ● Fuzz’Yon ● Gaga Jazz ● Gare (La) ● Glazart ● Grand Mix (Le) ● Grange à Musique (La) ● Gueulard + (Le) ● Hiéro Limoges ● Jardin Moderne (Le) ● Labo (Le) ● Landes Musiques Amplifiées ● Luciole (la) ● Lune des Pirates (La) ● Manège (Le) ● MJC du Verdunois ● MJC Manosque - Café Provisoire ● Moloco (Le) ● Moulin de Brainans (Le) ● Nef (La) ● Normandy (Le) ● Noumatrouff (Le) ● Nouvelle Vague ● Novomax (Le) / Polarité[s] ● Oasis (L’) ● Observatoire (L’) ● Ouvre-Boîte (L’) ● Paloma ● Pannonica (Le) ● Passagers du Zinc (Les) ● Péniche (La) ● Périscope (Le) ● Petit Faucheux (Le) ● Plan (Le) ● Poudrière (La) ● Puce A l’Oreille (La) ● Rio Grande (Le) ● Rockomotives (Les) ● Rocksane (Le) ● Rodia (La) ● Run Ar Puñs ● Salon de Musique ● Sans Réserve (Le) ● Sax (Le) ● Silex (Le) ● Sirène (La) ● SMAC 07 ● Sonambule (Le) ● Souris Verte (La) ● Stereolux ● Tandem ● Tannerie (La) ● Temps Machine ● Ubu (L’) ● Vapeur (La) ● Victoire 2 ● Vip (Le) ● Volume (Le) ● West Rock ● Zuluberlus (Les)

Source : Observation Participative et Partagée [OPP] 2014 de la FEDELIMA