Since the 1st of january 2013, FEDELIMA has been a national network which gathers places and projects dedicated to popular music all over France. FEDELIMA’s office is located in Nantes. Its mission is to federate and develop any general interest initiatives in the popular music sector, by helping its members to anticipate cultural, economic, technologic, political and social changes. FEDELIMA supports the development of its members by giving them resources and tools in order to ensure (...)

Analyzing the popular music sector is one of FEDELIMA’s (Fédération des Lieux de Musiques Actuelles – Federation of Popular Music Venues) main tasks. Its motor and founding principle of action is a methodology we have named “Shared and Participatory Survey” (SPS).

The association is managed by an Executive board whose composition pays close attention to be fully representative of the members’ diversity (size of the venue, territory…). This board is composed of 15 administrators, elected for 2 years by the General Assembly which also validates the appointment of diverse functions within the federation: – the president – the vice president – the treasurer – the secretary The Executive Board is dealing with day-to-day affairs and decides for or (...)

FEDELIMA receives operational support from : Le ministère de la Culture L’Union Européenne - Lifelong Learning Programme Le CNM - Centre National de la Musique La SACEM FEDELIMA is member of : Live DMA European Network UFISC - Union Fédérale d’Intervention des Structures Culturelles AGI-SON - Agir pour une bonne gestion sonore SMA - Syndicat des Musiques Actuelles CAC - Collectif des Associations Citoyennes Plateforme de la Vie Nocturne Observatoire de la liberté de (...)